Polyaire Commercial is a division of the Polyaire Group of Companies and is a leader in the supply of air conditioning components for commercial HVAC applications.

In any commercial building the climate control system needs to ensure a comfortable environment for employees and visitors. Polyaire understands the high standards in performance required.

Continual advances in technology require the best in temperature monitoring, precise control and reliable, clean conditioned air distribution.

Polyaire’s specialist commercial staff have strong experience working with leading building consultants to deliver solutions to exact requirements for facilities throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The benefits of dealing with Polyaire Commercial:


At Polyaire Commercial, we can support your business with a dedicated commercial team that has extensive industry experience in all areas including sales, estimating, engineering, project management, warehousing and logistic support.


Polyaire Commercial holds in stock an extensive range of commercial HVAC products. Learn more.

Lead time and local manufacture

The Polyaire Group is a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC products for over 40 years. We have continued to innovate and improve our manufacturing processes to produce a high quality product at a lower cost.

We also have the ability to locally manufacture specialised made to order products at short lead times and at a very competitive cost.

With the above points in mind Polyaire Commercial are well placed to service your business/project requirements with our products and service capabilities, across Australia