Air Valves - Supply


Supply Valve
Supply Valve


Steel air supply valves with adjustable core and 42mm mounting frame. Wall or ceiling mounted valves are used for air supply and exhaust inside buildings.


  • Materials: Steel
  • Construction: Pressed steel grille with adjustable core with galvanised steel mounting.
  • Mounting: Fixing in the mounting frame.
  • Colour: RAL 9010 & RAL 9016 as standard. Other RAL colours available on request.


Type Size Neck (A)  Face (B) Height (H) 
Supply 100mm 98mm 150mm 42mm
Extract 100mm 98mm 150mm 42mm
Supply 125mm 123mm 175mm 42mm
Extract 125mm 123mm 175mm 42mm
Supply 150mm 148mm 200mm 42mm
Extract 150mm 148mm 200mm 42mm
Supply 160mm 159mm 210mm 42mm
Extract 160mm 159mm 210mm 42mm
Supply 200mm 198mm 250mm 42mm
Extract 200mm 198mm 250mm 42mm

Order Selection

Item # Size Colour
237210 100mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9010
237210-RAL9016 100mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9016
237212 125mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9010
237212-RAL9016 125mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9016
237215 150mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9010
237215-RAL9016 150mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9016
237216 160mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9010
237216-RAL9016 160mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9016
237220 200mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9010
237220-RAL9016 200mm Ø Supply Valve RAL9016


Performance Data

Key: The blue line indicates terminal velocity of 0.2m/s. The corresponding number is the adjustable core position in mm

Noise Reduction                                            Throw